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Do you love to sing?

We’d love to have you come sing with us. Auditions are taking place for Sources, ages 4 & 5, all of our young choirs for singers ages 6-10 and our professional level Children’s Choir for singers ages 11-15 and award winning Coastal Sound Youth Choir. DeCoro, our new choir experience for Adults, is also accepting new singers.

SIGN UP FOR Children’s AUDITIONS (unchanged voices ages 4-15)

SIGN UP FOR Youth Choir AUDITIONS (ages 15-24)


Coastal Sound Music connects singers and outstanding choral music educators with the community. From our wee 4-5 year old “Sources” song play program, to our professional and award winning Youth and Children’s Choirs, to DeCoro our new choral experience for adults, there is a place for singers to share a sense of spirit, artistry, heart and community.

VIDEO: Young Singers & their Experience in Choir.

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