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Do you love to sing?

Eager to learn more about music? Do you enjoy performing, and want to have interesting musical adventures and meet great people? Then come SING with us!

Every Spring and Fall we hold auditions or interviews for Coastal Sound choirs. Everyone ages 4 years old to adult with a love for singing is invited to be placed into an appropriate choir based on age, experience and level. Read more about each choir.

We take your love of singing and provide excellent choral music education and enriching life experiences. 

SIGN UP for Children’s & Treble Choir AUDITIONS

(unchanged voices ages 4-16)


(changed voices ages 15-24)

SIGN UP for DeCoro Adult Choir INTERVIEWS

Coastal Sound Music connects singers and outstanding choral music educators with the community. From our wee 4-5 year old “Sources” song play program, to our professional and award winning Youth and Children’s Choirs, to DeCoro our new choral experience for adults, there is a place for singers to share a sense of spirit, artistry, heart and community.

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