Reasons to Sing with Us

11. Make the World a Better Place

Create beauty, and connect with others from around the world through songs in different languages. Brighten someone’s day, help someone grieve, make someone feel loved… all because of a rehearsal or performance you are part of with one of our choirs.

10. Learn to sing healthfully!

Your vocal instrument needs to be treated with care! Don’t risk vocal nodes or long-term voice damage due to forced, pushed singing. Let our expert voice educators help you make the most of your voice, no matter your age, in a way that promotes healthy, relaxed singing and vocal production.


9. Perform on stage.

Whether you are shy and want to gain confidence, or you love being in the spotlight, we have professional performance venues and special performance opportunities for you. We contribute meaningfully to the cultural fabric of the community.


8. Have an Aesthetic Experience.

Making music together is a really cool feeling of being connected to one another on an emotional level, while communicating through sound and creating beauty together. When it all works, we call it an “Aesthetic Experience”. It’s a pretty neat feeling, and one reason why singing in a choir is so wonderful.


7. Singing is good medicine.

Singing is extremely therapeutic! It’s a great way to lower stress, keep brains nimble and improve a dull mood. It may be all those endorphins and oxygen, or working together on a common goal, that makes everyone feel so good when they are at rehearsals. Don’t just take our word for it- check out some of these medical benefits of singing.


6. We’re welcoming to everyone.

Being part of an inclusive community – a group with such a positive common purpose – is a very meaningful and powerful experience. Whatever your age or your ability, we welcome you, and will help you to enrich your life through choral music. And we have never turned anyone away because of financial need.


5. We’ll teach you to read music, sight sing, and more.

We want you to gain skills to be an independent musician, so we don’t just teach singers to use their voices. Singers in our programs learn to read music, learn music theory, and can sing melodies they’ve never heard by reading the notation. Best of all, we make music learning fun and painless.


4. Study with the best.

It’s not our style to brag, but you should know that our choral groups win provincial and national awards, and our directors and accompanists are highly regarded experts in the choral and music education fields.


3. Connect with others and make new friends.

Coastal Sound members are involved, engaged, fun-loving singers and families of all ages and diverse backgrounds. You’ll meet good people and get to experience a genuine sense of community.


2. We’ll boost you up.

We work hard at our rehearsals, but it’s our philosophy that singers of all ages need to be nurtured and treated with respect, dignity and LOTS of positive encouragement.


1. We have programs for everyone, from toddlers to adults

The whole family can get involved in singing, and can perform together on stage. We even have a “boys only” choir!



Come Sing With Us!