Singing Tips

Float Your Sound

What activity is most similar to singing?
If you answered “flying” then you are on the right track!
There is a whole lot of technical explanation that could go here, but for our goal of singing effortlessly, think of your sound as floating on air, as opposed to the air forcing or pushing the sound out. You can practice this feeling by inhaling silently as though you were smelling something yummy- now hold that “lifted face” feeling, and sing gently into your hand with your palm/ heel of hand facing you, fingers pointed up, palm in a relaxed curve towards you. Feel that sense of float and lift in the sound? Feel like you could sing/float a long time on your air? Good! To hear the difference in tone and feel the difference in effort, sing with your palms pointing/ pushing away from you. AHA!

Shining Night Screening in Coquitlam October 21

In partnership with the Evergreen Cultural Centre, Coastal Sound Music is pleased to present a special Canadian preview event of  Shining Night: A Portrait of Composer Morten Lauridsen. Join us at 2pm on Sunday, October 21st at the Evergreen Cultural Centre. All seats are $10. General admission. For tickets visit or call 604-927-6555.

This award winning film by Michael Stillwater is the first in a series that explores and celebrates the inherent connection to an underlying creative ‘pulse’ that connects us all. Shining Night gives audiences a closeup of  composer Morten Lauridsen, the man behind the most frequently performed choral music of modern history.  

“Conveys the musical legend and the gentle, introspective genius” ~ Eric Whitacre, Composer/Conductor

“Simply stunning!” ~ Paul W. Schulz, Artistic Director and Founder, Northwest Repertory Singers

“…completely blown away, touched to the core…” Rita Glassman, Cantor, San Francisco

“Illuminates the person behind the music, giving us a rare glimpse into its creative source.” Tim Sharp, Executive Director, American Choral Directors Association

“A visually stunning documentary; the sweeping environs are at once earthly and ethereal” ~ Jan-Marie Petersen, Chorus America