Fees and Payments

Once you have completed your Coastal Sound registration form online, you must make payment to complete your registration process.

2017 – 2018 Season Fees (September – June)

Payment can be made by Cash, Cheque, Credit Card or through Paypal.
Please contact sandy@coastalsoundmusic.com for further details

$300.00 Payment In Full or $35.00 Monthly

Con Brio, Con Bro, Con Vita
$625.00 Payment In Full or $72.00 Monthly

Con Bella
$880.00 Payment In Full or $98.00 Monthly

Children’s Choir
$1050.00 Payment In Full or $115.00 Monthly

Youth Choir
$775.00 Payment In Full or $87.00 Monthly

$300.00 Payment in Full or $35.00 Monthly

Choir Registration – Full Payment

Sibling Discounts: Details
Available for Sources, Con Brio, Con Vita, Con Bro, Con Bella and Children’s Choir.

If you are paying for siblings in Sources, Con Brio, Con Vita, Boy Choir, Con Bella or Children’s Choir please contact our registrar for more information at sandy@coastalsoundmusic.com

There are no sibling discounts for Youth Choir and DeCoro.

Registration Fees Include:

- $5 membership fee to Coastal Sound Music Academy Society.

- Theory & Sight Singing Materials

- Fundraising Commitment Details

Additional Items/Costs: Online Payment Page

- Uniform fees: $0-$25 depending on the choir

- Garment bags $30, music folders $45 for some choirs; these are optional items

- Donation In Lieu
- Tours and retreats may be in addition to costs above, depending on the season some costs are included in the registration fee.

Tuition Support:
We offer tuition support for singers with financial need through our Bursary Program.

To request an application form, please email admin@coastalsoundmusic.com.

*All requests and applications are strictly confidential.*

Refund Policy Details

If you have questions regarding payment on or offline or would like more information about payment plan options please contact our Registrar at sandy@coastalsoundmusic.com